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NameHeron Stone
Residencela palma, south california
Web page
Place of Birthlos angeles, south california
Birthdatejuly 7, 1995
Workno thank you
Favorite Rikishialltime - chiyonofuji/mainoumi

currently - no one really excites me

Biggest disappointment: kotonishiki

SML games played 
Sumo fan because... + i like big, strong, fat guys in diapers

+ well, there's a little more to it than

that, but you said to be brief

Passions: epistemology, linguistics: especially the relationships between language and thinking/problem-solving/creativity/ intelligence/"spirituality"/etc., mac os, saving Earth, johann sebastian bach channeled/played by glenn gould, rthling: a subset of "wild" english designed for clear thinking and accurate communications, sumo, etc