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ResidencePrague, Czech Republic
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Place of BirthJablonec n./N., Czech Republic
WorkChief, The Economic Daily
Favorite RikishiTochigiyama - all-out attack strategy, no chance for the opponent to touch his mawashi
Dejima - great charge, stays low, powerful tachiai
Chiyotaikai - forceful tachiai, good tsupari
Kirishima - active sumo, always on the offensive
Konishiki - his idea of sumo is same as mine, coordinated offense, powerful blast, great man
Akebono - great man in spirit, powerful tsupari, good charge
Just mentioning a few...
SML games playedreal life sumo (amateur)
Sumo fan because...I first saw sumo as a small child on video. The spirit of sumo immediately struck me. It's a struggle as pure as can be and yet as brutal as anything. It is not about body but mental, just like life. Sumo is about beating your opponent, before he makes a move - mentally - like life. The spirit of sumo is to do your best and then accept victory or defeat with grace, no emotion. You must do what you have to do and then accept life. It is about overcoming yourself. Be a man at all times and do your best. This revelation came instantly in a flash. Later on, in college, I did powerlifting and a friend of mine, an exchange student from Japan was somehow afiliated with a heya (sumo stable). I think his uncle was an Oyakata (heya master). So for a year he talked to me, trying to get me to go to Japan to do sumo. (I didn't know much about pro sumo then though.) In the end, I decided no, and returned to Czecho. However, I decided to find out if sumo was anywhere else but Japan. And after looking around I found that there was sumo in Europe (amateur). So contacted the European Sumo Union and started the Czech Sumo Union. This was in 1997 and we got on our way. Since then, I have made spreading sumo my mission. I do everything I can to make sumo grow in Europe and the world, because to me it's a heart affair, sumo shows me the key to life. Via becoming a better rikishi, I strive to become a better man. This is sumo and this is why I love it.