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NameBruce J Rae
ResidenceVancouver, BC, Canada
Web pagenone yet, maybe next year
Place of BirthVancouver, BC
Birthdate22 August 1967
Workmusician, proofreader, office clerk
Favorite RikishiAkebono, Terao, Kaiho, Oginishiki, Takanonami
SML games playedBench Sumo, Guess the Banzuke, Totoro's Hoshitori, UDH, GTRWTMY, CyberSumo and others on occasion
Sumo fan because...I got hooked watching the highlights on TransWorld Sport tv and followed by reading about Sumo. "The Joy of Sumo" by David Benjamin is hilariously good reading and got me interested in sumo statistics leading me to keep detailed records and rankings on spreadsheets.