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NameAlexander Nitschke
ResidenceBerlin, Germany
Web pagehttp://
Place of BirthBerlin, Germany
BirthdateNov. 23, 1968
WorkCreating software for company-wide cost accounting
Favorite RikishiTakanohana, Kaio
SML games playedGuess the Banzuke, Bench Sumo, Hoshitori, Upside Down, ISP, CyberSumo, MAQC
Sumo fan because...The sport is really fascinating with all its traditions. Like (almost) all European I got hooked watching it on Eurosport. After Nagoya 1998 I made a little web research and found the most valuable Sumo information page The FAQ section is enough to get covered for days. Then the mailing list itself is a truly amazing group with outstanding characters. I even got hooked enough to administrate the hoshitori game. The photo shows me with the banzuke which I luckily won in the first Bench Sumo tournament.