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NameKobayashi, Toshiharu
ResidenceKomae Tokyo Japan
Web page
Place of BirthShinjuku, Tokyo
BirthdateApril 10 1950
WorkUniversity library stuff
Favorite RikishiWakanohana
SML games played 
Sumo fan because...In my child days, sumo is very popular for begining of TV broadcast. I watched TV in my friend's home. In those days TV was something to watch out of my house.
When I went to primary school, TV entered my house, and neighbors came my house to watch TV.
In those days, Wakanohana(first Yokozuna Wakanohana, Late Futagoyama) is my favorite rikishi. Though he is so little and light, he was very powerful and strong rikishi.
The origin of my sumo enthusiasm is the favor of Wakanohana. I love him for long day. But he grew aged, and no looks a good guy. I feel sad aged Wakanohana.
I am one of longtime sumo enthusiast. I love sumo for 40 years. But I've never expected speak on sumo in English.