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NamePeter Kaub
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Place of BirthAustralia (born Melbourne, grew up mostly in Perth)
Birthdate23rd May 1969
WorkResearch Scientist (Molecular Neurobiology, vision associated part of the brain)
Favorite Rikishipast and still up there on the list: Kirishima, Wakanohana, Mainoumi, Kyokudozan, Asahiyutaka, Takanohana, Terao current interests: Kaio, Tochiazuma, Miyabiyama, Toki, Dejima, Chiyotaikai, Tokitsuumi, Kyokutenhyo, Kaiho, Tochinonada, Chiyotenzan
SML games playedmost when have time
Sumo fan because...Find baseball boring, but like watching sport. In Japan in 1991, before J-League Soccer, those were about the only two choices. Didn't take long to become an addict though, and this addiction was what got this list initially formed. Founded the Sumo ML back in 1993 when returning to Australia and starved of Sumo results. First bulk e-mailed results from my account, then later someone got it going on an automated list server. I'm in no way responsible for the brilliant list it has become, but happy to maybe have planted a seed.