The picture was taken with KONISHIKI(tm) when Sabina was 2 weeks old. The big guy whose cut off on the right side of the picture is Manny Yarborough.
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NameSteve KaplanJudith KaplanSeth KaplanSabina Kaplan
ResidenceActon, MA USA
Place of BirthBoston, MA USANatick, MA USAConcord, MA USAConcord, MA USA
BirthdateAugust 2, 1964April 10,1955January 28, 1998July 9, 1999
WorkSystems Administrator at MotherNature.comBusiness Analyst at Compaq Computer CorporationLearning to walk Trying to hold my head up
Favorite RikishiTakanohana
SML games playedHoshitoriHoshitori  
Sumo fan because...Spent 2 months working in Japan for Digital Equipment in 1992 and an American co-worker turned me on to it.Married Steve Kaplan and it was part of the package. I now have a nice satellite dish on my roof to prove my love.While I was still a twinkle in my Dad's eye he bought me a stuffed Wakanohana doll during a business trip to Japan. I was watching sumo on TV with my parents when I was 2 days old.