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NameMina Hall
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada
Web page
Place of BirthLas Vegas, Nevada
BirthdateYear of the "tori"
Workauthor ("The Big Book of Sumo"), columnist "Ohana" magazine, and tennis coach
Favorite Rikishithe Hawaii boys (Koni, Ake, and Maru), also Kaio, Hamanoshima. All time: Taiho
Sumo fan because...I think sumo is sport in its purest form. It is the ultimate test of power, technique, and concentration. It also is a window to Japan's ancient past. In spite of modern times and technology, sumo has basically remained unchanged and continues to honor many traditions. I think that anyone who goes to Ryogoku and watches sumo live, will instantly be captivated by the sport. I'm not sure if it's the atmosphere of the place, or big men walking around in yukata, or the aroma of bintsuke, or the sound of dragging slippers, or the cute omiyage shops and chankonabe restaurants, or watching the giants battle it out in the ring and then later take time to pose for photos with their many fans--never forgetting to bow humbly afterwards. I think I like sumo so much because it is a sport, it is art, and it is tradition all rolled into one great package.