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NameJan de Veen
ResidenceLosser, The Netherlands
web page

and several other pages you can access from there. My sumo website is:

Place of BirthSame as residence
Birthdate2nd of December 1968
WorkPlanning Analyst at a PC peripherals and consumer electronics helpdesk.
Favorite RikishiActive: Asashoryu, Kaio, Terao, Musashimaru.
Retired: Chiyonofuji, Akebono, Wakanohana, Mainoumi.
All-time: Chiyonofuji
SML games playedTotoro's Hoshitori, Bench Sumo, Upside/Down Hoshitori, CyberSumo, Guess The Banzuke, G.I.S.P., The Sumo Game, I.S.P., Guess The Rikishi With The Most Yorikiri, The Masumi Abe Quality Challenge, Kawika's Fantasy Sumo... Did I miss one? :-)
Sumo fan because...I got hooked instantaneously from the moment I first saw the 1995 Nagoya Basho on Eurosport, the European all-sports TV channel.