Full Makunouchi Banzuke
from 1757 October Basho

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1757-1830 1831-1868 1868-1926 1927-1965 1966-1988 1989-present
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In "New in Makunouchi" notes, the four-digit number means number of the rikishi in the all-time Makunouchi list (ordered by sumo entry date), as well as a reference number to data of the wrestler
in the databases run by Stefan Gelow.

My acknowledges to Mr. Atsuo Tsubota, for his friendly help and endless patience towards me and my uncountable questions.

Here is the original Japanese banzuke site of Tsubota-san

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Please Note: This site uses an alternate Transcription System for all Japanese words. You must use these spellings in your search strings. Examples among current rikiski include "Kaioo", "Kyokushuuzan", "Tooki", and "Kotoryuu". Likewise, that really big city in Japan is "Tookyoo".
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Index of old Japanese geographical names mentioned on the banzuke
Index of transcription I used
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The Japanese historic era
(from Meiji, the posthumous title of the Emperor
was named after the name of an era)

Hooreki 1751.10.27 1764.06.02     Kaei 1848.02.28 1854.11.27
Meiwa 1764.06.02 1772.11.16     Ansei 1854.11.27 1860.03.18
An'ei 1772.11.16 1781.04.02     Man'en 1860.03.18 1861.02.19
Tenmei 1781.04.02 1789.01.25     Bunkyuu 1861.02.19 1864.02.20
Kansei 1789.01.25 1801.02.05     Genji 1864.02.20 1865.04.07
Kyoohoo 1801.02.05 1804.02.11     Keioo 1865.04.07 1868.09.08
Bunka 1804.02.11 1818.04.22     Meiji 1868.09.08 1912.07.30
Bunsei 1818.04.22 1830.12.10     Taishoo 1912.07.30 1926.12.25
Tenpoo 1830.12.10 1844.12.02     Shoowa 1926.12.25 1989.01.07
Kooka 1844.12.02 1848.02.28     Heisei 1989.01.07    

1757-1830 1831-1868 1868-1926 1927-1965 1966-1988 1989-
Japanese original: TSUBOTA Atsuo /
Transcripted to Romaji: LEDECZI Andras /