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Re: What is Henka? [spoiler]

Da Kine Sumo E-zine & Web site from Kawika wrote:
> Sure, sure, sure, all valid but it is a matter of opinion.
> I think a henka win is the same has a "hair pull" or "mawashi falls off"
> win, period.

I understand that you think that, but you are simply
wrong. There is no kimarite for henka. A henka is a 
movement done at the tachiai. It does not win the
match. The wrestler still has to do something else
to win, like push on the other guy from behind. It
is the "something else" that wins the match. The henka
just gets them in position to do it. Check your match
results. You will not find one example of "win by henka".

Also, I think people are discounting the Futa Factor
too early. How do you think Akinoshima beat Musashimaru?
I'll tell you how. Futa Factor, that's how. There's no
way Akinoshima could have beaten him otherwise.