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Re: [Sumo] [Commentary] Waka's dohyo iri etc.

At 17:42 98.5.29 +0900, peter@obisun1.obi.or.jp wrote:
 (megasnip, only for the sake of saving bandwidth)
>Lastly liked the Waka dohyo iri, in fact liked all of the new Yokozuna's
>dohyo iri (that blend of the seriousness of the occasion, the stoicism on
>their faces, the sort of boisterous voicing and applause when the feet
>stamp down, a glimpse of the new feather white rope wrapped in unusual
>knots around  his waist and all in the setting of quite a historic outdoor

I can see Wakanohana growing into the role already. Whether he does well or
badly from now on, nobody can take this day from him. He's The Man.


Doreen in sumoland

  To all the Ancient Romans still around: Happy Ambarvalia