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[Sumo] [Videos] Sanoyama's Danpatsu Shiki taping

Should have put something about this in last message but oh well.  Just a
reminder that saving power failures, will be doing some dubs of the above
ceremony tomorrow.  Not so many requests yet, so might be able to handle
distribution on my own, but if you do want the above then let me know soon,
so that I can work out whether I can do it all on my own or have to get
some other people to copy and redistribute.  For those in Japan set the
video, it should be on from 6.30-8.00p.m., but check your local station
that does Fuji TV stuff as I think they are the ones covering it in Tokyo
(e.g. local version braodcasting their stuff is Kansai TV in Kansai
region).  For those in Tokyo and able to attend (yeh you Kawika) hope you
have a ball.  If you want a copy please put Sanoyama or Danpatsu in the
subject header and what country, region, format required and whether you
can help in copying and distribution.  Will get back with likely costs,
once have all this compiled.

Yoroshiku, Pete.

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