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Re: [SUMO] Promotion council

They represent us Sumo Fans. Kyokai needs to have an authority to judge the
yokozuna candidate and yokozuna performance objectively. I think that is a good
idea in general compared to have Kyokai decide everything about the promotion.
Takanohana needed to wait one more basho in spite of Kyokai's suggestion, for

-Toshiyori Masumiriki

Ulrich Sporrel wrote:

> I read this morning that the council for the promotion to Yokozuna included
> not only sport officials, but also business and, even worst, media officials
> , the president of the Yomiuri newspaper beeing one it.
> It sounds as serious as a panel for the election of "the player of the year"
> in soccer or whatever, but surely not for a Yokozuna promotion.
> Has somedy any opinion?
> (PS it is not about Waka's promotion, indeed I'm a fan of the brothers)

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