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Re: Gyoji stuff

At 16:31 98.5.25 -5000, knut@translit.se wrote:
>I have heard that you can tell Inosuke and Shonosuke gyoji apart from the 
>way they hold the gumbai. Is this true? If so, what is the difference?
Not just those. It's the Kimura and Shikimori difference, all down the
line. When they are announcing the contestants with outstretched gumbai,
the Kimura gyoji hold the gumbai with the thumb and fingers downwards, and
the Shikimori hold it with the thumb and fingers facing up. Except for
Kimura Koichi, who does it the other way round for a rather complex
historical reason. I have also noticed a Shikimori Inosuke who had been a
Kimura for decades and retained his old way of holding it. 

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