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Re: Akebono's shape?

Bruce Scott TOK wrote:

> |> Akebono beats Takanohana
> |>   Musubi no ichiban... ho hum...  Takanohana has done OK considering his
> |> weakened condition -- Akebono has done poorly because of his weak
> |> condition.  Takanohana has had medical problems, while Chad has been
> |> eating too many chocolate bars.  Akebono wins quickly by yorikiri.  "Hey
> |> Akebono, where are you going?  "I'm going to Hershey World!"
> I am confused.  Didn't people say Akebono had got leaner and meaner?
> This basho surely didn't show that, so maybe I can believe this latest
> version.  What is Akebono's weight at the moment?  How is he moving?

I've been disappointed at Akebono and Musashimaru's dedication to their sumo.
If they are supposed to be the best, why don't they get in optimum condition.
They are at the pinnacle of their sport, yet they don't take care of their
bodies.  Other super-stars -- in other sports  -- would never behave like
this.  I'm certainly not saying they should slim down to become GQ models.
This sport demands some bulk, but they passed optimum many kilograms ago.
Other rikishi, such as the Futagoyama Fireplug - Akinoshima - have it just
about right.  So does Wakanohana, Tochiazuma, and several others.

Did you notice that in day 15 (when Musashimaru lost to Wakanohana),
Musashimaru didn't put his left hand down before launching his tachi-ai.  I
expected them to start again, as he so clearly didn't touch his fist down.  But
no, he is being given the same latitude that they used to give Konishiki -- too
big to reasonable expect him to put both hands down.  Shameful.

One final bitch.  It's about Musashimaru's normal "I just lost the big one"
expression.  We've all seen the whimsical, goofy look he has as he goes up the
Hanamichi following a humiliating loss.  His look on day 14 was the worst yet.
It really ticked me off, but in all honesty, that was probably because he
delivered my make-koshi in the ISP.  Doh!
Woodstock, GA