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Re: {SUMO} Waka!

I don't think they lost to Wakanohana purposely.
But in many sense, Akebono and Musashimaru had control over Wakanohana's
Yokozuna promotion and they failed to be in Waka's way to Yokuzuma
promotion. If one of them could beat Wakanohana this time, Wakanohana won't
be celebrating the promotion at this time. So, in reality, Akebono and
Musashimaru are the responsible party for the new Yokozuna.

I really hope that Waka stays healthy and keeps up with the Yokozuna
expectation with "more-or-less constant" 12 or more wins which is a
"semi-requirement" to Yokozuna, which both sempai Yokozuna failed miserably
in Natsu-basho.

If we see only the win-loss records of Wakanohana, 14-1 and 12-3 consecutive
yusho, he deserves this promotion. If I have a request to the new Yokozuna,
elimitation of his tendency of losing to the lowy Maegashira rikishi. I hope
he does not follow the step of Yokozuna Tochinoumi, current Kasugano
Oyakata, who deserved to be one of the best technician Yokozuna of all time,
but retired youngest as Yokozuna and served more Kimboshi than any other

-Toshiyori Masumiriki

Scott & Masami Light wrote:

> Hey Sumoans:
> I got something.  I think Ake and Mushi lost on purpose to let Waka get
> Yokozuna promotion and then show the Sumo Assoc that Waka is a poor sumo
> and he will be retired due to being a weak Yoko!  Its all a ploy!!!  Like
> the X-files and our government (US)  :-)
> Masanohiro!

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