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Akebono's shape?

|> Akebono beats Takanohana
|>   Musubi no ichiban... ho hum...  Takanohana has done OK considering his
|> weakened condition -- Akebono has done poorly because of his weak
|> condition.  Takanohana has had medical problems, while Chad has been
|> eating too many chocolate bars.  Akebono wins quickly by yorikiri.  "Hey
|> Akebono, where are you going?  "I'm going to Hershey World!"

I am confused.  Didn't people say Akebono had got leaner and meaner?
This basho surely didn't show that, so maybe I can believe this latest
version.  What is Akebono's weight at the moment?  How is he moving?

I'm glad this basho didn't go to a playoff.  So now Wakanohana gets his
chance.  Either way, he will be under a lot of pressure in the next
basho.  Hope he is ready for that.


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