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Day 11 (spoiler) -- Kintaro's musings

Well, yesterday we had no less than four rikishi given the bum's rush
(okuridashi or okuritaoshi) by their opponents.  The hapless fighters
were Kotonowaka, Minatofuji (the Taka-killer), Takatoriki, and
Musoyama.  Currently, Kotonishiki, Musashimaru, Takatoriki, and
Wakanohana are tied at 8-2.  Hot on their heels are eight fighters at
7-3, including the other three Futagoyama boys.  Now, off to the

Kotoinazuma vs. Kushimaumi
  Kotoinazuma wins by oshidashi (frontal push out).

Terao vs. Toki
  Terao wins by tsukiotoshi (thrust down).

Asanosho vs. Akinoshu
  Akinoshu comes in with his tsuppari attack.  Asanosho borrows a line
from Tochinowaka and again taunts, "You slap like a girl."  A furious
Akinoshu loses concentration, and Asanosho wins by hatakikomi (slap

Dejima vs. Kaiho
  Dejima and Kaiho get locked into a mawashi battle, not a normal Dejima
style.  Dejima brings the smaller rikishi to the edge and wins by
kimedashi (arm barring force out).  Dejima gets his first kachikoshi
since September 1997... looking good!

Kyokushuzan vs. Kitakachidoki
  The Mongolian and Kitakachidoki are head to head keeping each other
away from their mawashi grips.  Finally Kyokushuzan grabs a leg and
pushes Kitakachidoki's chest to tumble the aging rikishi.  Kyokushuzan
wins by watashikomi (thigh grabbing push down).

Wakanosato vs. Mitoizumi
  Big Salt gives a whap to Wakanosato on the way in, but Wakanosato
moves in one direction-- forward -- to force the Salt Shaker out by
yorikiri (frontal force out).

Higonoumi vs. Kotoryu
  A quick coconut crash, and Higonoumi pulls Kotoryu's head down.
Higonoumi wins by hatakikomi (slap down).

Hamanoshima vs. Wakanojo
  Hamanoshima and Wakanojo are locked in a mawashi battle.  Hamanoshima
convincingly dumps Wakanojo and wins by uwatehineri (twisting overarm

Tochinowaka vs. Ganyu
  It's a long one.  The Guard Dog of the Lower Maegashira takes the
initiative and backs up Ganyu to the tawara.  Ganyu strains against the
tawara, up on his tiptoes... fighting... straining... and he fights his
way back to the shikiri-sen.  Tochinowaka sighs, thinking, "I'm to old
for this sh..."  Tochinowaka mounts another attack and backs Ganyu up to
the tawara again, finally winning by yorikiri.

Gojoro vs. Asanowaka
  I can't watch -- I really dislike Gojoro, the bad little boy.  I don't
want to see him hurt our pal, Little Salt.  Gojoro blasts through Mr.
Genki, leaving him in a crumpled heap at the edge of the dohyo.
tsukitaoshi (frontal thrust down)

Kotonowaka vs. Tamakasuga
  Kotonowoosie drinks the power water as he looks longingly at his teddy
bear.  He seems to be mouthing the words, "I dedicate this bout to
you."  Tamakasuga is still nursing an injury (his sumo).  Kotonowaka has
his way with Tamakasuga and wins by yorikiri.  Kotonowaka skips up the
Hanamichi to celebrate by listening to his new Hanson CD and watch the
Teletubbies.  "I love those guys" he is heard to remark.

Shikishima vs. Kotonishiki
  The porcine Taka-killer beats red-hot Kotonishiki with a sukuinage
(beltless arm throw)!  Shikishima's on a roll.

Tochinonada vs. Minatofuji
  Tochinonada beats the Michelin Man with an oshidashi (frontal push

Akinoshima vs. Oginishiki
  Oginishiki (aka Futagoyama-killer) takes Akinoshima overboard, the
Gyoji raises his fan to Akinoshima.  The Men in Black rise to discuss
the bout, but uphold the judgement.  Akinoshima wins by shitatenage
(underarm throw).  Shikishima breaks Oginishiki's string of

Chiyotaikai vs. Tosanoumi
  Tosanoumi (not a good dancer) loses his feet and goes dohyo-diving --
this guy is really a stumble-bum.  Tosanoumi gets the makekoshi he so
richly deserves.  Chiyotaikai wins by oshitaoshi (frontal push down).

Aogiyama vs. Musoyama
  Musoyama has been a big disappointment this basho.  Musoyama looked
like a giant lemming as he dived off the dohyo.  Aogiyama wins by
hikiotoshi (hand pull down).  Cyber-rikishi Sekiwake Kesamaiasa and
Ozeki Kintaro shakes their heads in disbelief, thinking, "Number 13
certainly is unlucky this basho."

Kaio vs. Wakanohana
  Armstrong Kaio delivers a sukuinage (beltless arm throw) to beat the
Yokozuna candidate.  Waka seems to wince in pain as his shoulder hits.
It seems OK as he gets up.  Kaio wins in a close one.

**** NEWS FLASH!!  During the after-bout interview, Kaio said he was
trying to do his best.  In the upcoming days, he will again try to do
his best.****

Takanonami vs. Musashimaru
  The ISP's daily pool bout.  Musashimaru finally broke the Takanonami
spell last basho.  Can he put an exclamation point on this rivalry?  The
bout starts, the Bull in the china shop falls off the dohyo as
Takanonami does the tawara-two-step.  Takanonami wins by katasukashi
(under-shoulder swing down).

Takanohana vs. Asahiyutaka
  The Futa-factor kicks in again as Takanohana dips down to fight the
other Maegashira 6.  Yesterday M6-east Shikishima beat the Yokozuna.
(I've tried to be philosophical about the Futagoyama-factor in the past,
but even a casual examination of the Futa-factor should make you shake
your head.)  A very lack-luster performance as Takanohana wins by
okuridashi (rear push out).

Akebono vs. Takatoriki
  Another crowd favorite!  The PepsiBoy - Akebono shikiri is always a
delight.  The Futagoyama Gangster makes a false start.  When they start
again, Takatoriki backs up the Yokozuna.  The move back to the center,
Akebono being very careful.  He finally delivers a couple of well-placed
slaps to the frog-like face, finally bowling Takatoriki off the dohyo.

Wow!!  Ten rikishi tied for the Yusho race, including all Yokozuna and
Ozeki.  Kintaro heads up the Hanamichi for his morning shower.