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Fw: Sanoyama's commentary/Takatoriki's gout

1.   As I interpreted Sanoyama's reaction to Takatoriki's interview, he
felt that the "warm weather" explanation was a joke: 

Q:   To what do you attribute your incredible streak of victories?
A:   The weather has been warmer.

This, of course, afforded far more insight than the typical post-bout
answer, but was implied to be some VERY DRY clowning.

2.  I recall reading about gout as diet-associated in several
English-language books on sumo (but you can't trust these sources....the
same ten o'clock scholars who admonish you not to say "sumo wrestler" or
"stable") and in fact I would swear that I've seen a medical journal
article on the link.  (See also K. Coller, "Sumo Now," Nov. 13, 1995 daily
commentary [Konishiki's leg bandaged due to gout]).  Unfortunately, cannot
access these papers at this time.

For now, see Merck Manual (1992), on Gout: "... Marked rises in uric acid
often follow overindulgence in rich foods, especially if alcoholic
beverages are also consumed. Ethyl alcohol both induces nucleotide
catabolism in the liver and increases the formation of lactic acid, which,
like other organic acids, blocks urate secretion by the renal tubules...."
"...Acute gouty arthritis appears without warning. It may be precipitated
by minor trauma, overindulgence in food or alcohol, surgery, fatigue,
emotional stress, or medical stress such as infection or vascular
     The Manual reports treatment with colchicine is often successful. 
Hope there's a little of this in the "vegetable green" that the boys are
all drinkin'.  ("Current therapy permits most patients to live a normal
life, if the diagnosis is made early and medical advice is accepted by the
patient. .... Gout is more severe in patients whose initial symptoms appear
before age 30. .... Untreated progressive renal dysfunction, usually
related to coexisting hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or some other cause
of nephropathy, leads to further impairment in the excretion of urate,
accelerating the pathologic process in the joints, and is also the greatest
threat to life.")

Rather than copy in further excerpts of discussions of gout, here's a
website (the Merck Manual):