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Re: Sanoyama's commentary and comment on Takatoriki's gout??

I  had heard that Sanoyama oyakata has this problem as well.

Steve Allanson

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 From: peter@obisun1.obi.or.jp <peter@obisun1.obi.or.jp>
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 Date: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 5:03
 Subject: Sanoyama's commentary and comment on Takatoriki's gout??

Yesterday was also lucky to catch Sanoyama's commentary, and agree with all
that's been said (fun, lighthearted, insightful, and from the rikishi's
perspective, in English to boot).  One thing I found interesting though as
when Diane asked why Takatoriki had not been such a good performer in the
last few basho, Sanoyama mentioned that he had problems with gout and that
when this flared up basically he had his feet in ice for a large portion of
training.  Also interesting in the interview after his match, seem to
remember a loose reference to the warmer weather perhaps helping this
condition, and being a reason for his genki-ness this basho.  First I've
heard of this affliction in Takatoriki, and thinking about it seems like
quite a few more rikishi would be susceptible to this condition (quite
heavy, consume copious amounts of beer and nabe).  Anyone know of how
prevalent gout is amongst the Sumo community??

Cheers, Pete.