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Re: Sanoyama's commentary and comment on Takatoriki's gout??

Late Kenko-zeki was the one suffered from the same cause for a long long time.
He introduced "vegitable green juice" (just like the Wheat Juice) to the sumo
community to treat the symptoms. It is a well-known story and many sekitori
are using it quite often. Gout is called "Tsuu-Fuu" in Japanese. Tsuu means
pain, and Fuu means wind.

-Toshiyori Masumiriki

peter@obisun1.obi.or.jp wrote:

> Yesterday was also lucky to catch Sanoyama's commentary, and agree with all
> that's been said (fun, lighthearted, insightful, and from the rikishi's
> perspective, in English to boot).  One thing I found interesting though as
> when Diane asked why Takatoriki had not been such a good performer in the
> last few basho, Sanoyama mentioned that he had problems with gout and that
> when this flared up basically he had his feet in ice for a large portion of
> training.  Also interesting in the interview after his match, seem to
> remember a loose reference to the warmer weather perhaps helping this
> condition, and being a reason for his genki-ness this basho.  First I've
> heard of this affliction in Takatoriki, and thinking about it seems like
> quite a few more rikishi would be susceptible to this condition (quite
> heavy, consume copious amounts of beer and nabe).  Anyone know of how
> prevalent gout is amongst the Sumo community??
> Cheers, Pete.
> <peter@obi.or.jp>

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