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RE>Yamato zeki getting on t

                                         RE>Yamato zeki getting on the net....
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All I can say is urayamashii (I'm envious) and express my gratitude for sharing yet another of those really interesting tidbits on rikishi life that make this mailing list so enjoyable.
Catherine (no shikona yet, but working on it)

 Date: 6/9/97 11:16 AM
 To: Cathy Wallace
 From: kawika@gol1.gol.com - SMTPGATE

Yesterday I took one of the Hawaiian sumo wrestlers, Yamato, shopping for a
notebook computer.  We decided on an IBM 560E, an awesome machine, about 3
grand, over 4 grand after all the extras (PCMCIA 28.8 card, 20x CD ROM, and
carrying case) we bought.  He is so stoked!  He was over last night,
learning how to use it.  I got it running for him, especially the CD ROM
install, i.e. Plug n Pray.  Since Yamato is a big video nut, figuring out
his notebook, with all the tutorial apps, seems to be a breeze.  He only
gets stuck on terminalogy, easily taken care of.  That makes the 3rd
Hawaiian who I have tutored in the use of a computer (Akebono & Konishiki
are the others)  Guess I should get a name card made, Computer Consultant
Specializing in Sumo Wrestler Users (ha, ha, ha, ha).  I guess it sounds
like bragging, but yeah, won't you be freaking stoked too?  Actually I am
just happy that I get the chance to introduce these guys to using a computer.

Yamato's family has email back in Hawaii, so he is very anxious to get email
rolling and save on the phone bill.  I want to push him along to make a
homepage as well, but that is long term.

Oh yeah, I met the Okamisan for Migaki-beya as well.  She rolled out the red
carpet, ordered out for ice coffee and everything, met her daughter as well,
very, very cool.  The daughter had just come home from school, so she was in
her sailor school uniform.  Okamisan said she wants me to help her daugther
get a notebook or use one, but she could have just been being "Japanese"
making pleasant conversation.

I heard a rumor that Akebono is getting his new Mac for free, just as long
as he tells anyone who ask that he got his computer from Apple.  Right now
he is using a Duo, that Ozora and I purchased using his Visa Gold, what a trip.

FYI, Migaki-beya's oyakata is Taka & Waka's uncle, Wakanohana I.  While in
the front sitting with Okamisan, her friend and Yamato zeki, I notice some
very awesome dohyo iri pictures with Chinoyofuji holding the katana for
Wakanohana I.


PS did I mention that I met the father of this mailing list, Pete Kaub.  We
met in Ueno and had a total blast.  I have met some very nice people through
this list.  Any passing through Tokyo, let me know, happy to play host/tour