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Re: Thanks to David

At 06:37 PM 5/23/97 GMT, you wrote:
>I too am one of the web-deficient, and David's posts, which arrive early and
>provide a *good* description of each bout, are very welcome, as they arrive
>before I have to leave for work in the morning.  
>Keep it up, David, you're doing a fine job!
>For those who don't like David's posts (well, at least for Kevin Malone), why
>fill up the list by staring a mini non-flame war when you can just delete
>like everyone else?
>Be cool.
>--Mike "In Mourning for Kaio" Chamberlain

If you'd been paying attention, you'd realize that my post was an opinion in
support of someone else's post.  So, I wasn't starting anything (I assume
that's what you meant by "staring"), simply adding to a discussion by
expressing my point of view.  It really makes no difference to me whether
you think that's uncool or not.

I really would have preferred that you do your flaming of my non-flaming
calmly and quietly instead of filling up the list with your personal attack
but since you couldn't be cool - I'll apologize in advance to the group for
wasting more time by copying them on my reply to you.  I promise not to
barrage you with all the private letters of support that I've received for
coming to Connie's aid to prove some silly point- but it probably wouldn't
matter because hopefully you've learned to delete my posts before you read
them like I have David's.

Have a wonderful holiday and don't forget to wake up before you drive,

Daninowaka (Mr. Flame Retardant)