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Repost from CIS

Reposted from the CompuServe Japan forum with permission of the author.

#: 200991 S8/SUMO & Games
    17-May-97  05:44:03
Sb: Day 8 pick
Fm: Nobuo Fujino  74050,1512
To: Michael D. Ross 75360,1577 (X)

The sumo pool bout for Day 8 :   Takanonami     vs      Kyokushuzan
                rankings          ozeki                  mae.#4
                past wins         1 win                  1 win
           scores in this basho   4-3                    1-6
                height            197cm                  182cm
                weight            170kgs                 123kgs
                age               25                     24
                origin            aomori-ken             Mongolia
                stable            futagoyama             ooshima

Good luck, everyone!

NobuoMaru (5-2)