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Repost from CIS

Reposted from the CompuServe Japan forum with permission of the author.

#: 201049 S8/SUMO & Games
    17-May-97  21:33:20
Sb: #200999-Day 8 pick
Fm: Nobuo Fujino  74050,1512
To: Michael D. Ross-Asst. Sy 75360,1577 (X)

Good weather here in Japan.  It's called "satsuki-bare".

GrahamNishiki called me everyday and asked me what is the sumo pool
bout for the next day.   I'll try to find him somewhere on TV monitor
on Tusesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.     He is a good customer
for the sumo kyokai. (grin)

Day 8 :  NobuoMaru         Kyokushuzan
         GrahamNishiki     Takanonami

Go Kyokushuzan.  Give me another jack-pot win!

Gambatte everyone!
NobuoMaru (5-2)