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Re: Yahoo and Sumoe

>In a message dated 97-04-17 03:11:31 EDT, patrick@mathieu.com (Patrick
>Mathieu) writes:
>> That's right!  The original Yahoo was powered by Akebono!
>There is an urban legend that says that the name Yahoo is in fact an anagram.
> The first four words are said to be Yokozuna Akebono Hawaii Ozumo.  This has
>been in circulation for several years, but I have never been able to vet it.
> I know Yahooís founder is a sumo fan and the story has at least a small
>chance of being true and a larger chance of being completely apocryphal.
Jerry Yang was a member of this mailing list when he (and some other dude
at Stanford) started the Yahoo stuff.  Actually, to be fair to chronology,
Jerry first put up his sumo pages (like the first FAQ for this group) on a
computer he managed which he named Akebono (my hazy memory said it was
akebono.stanford.edu--I just checked and Jerry still has that machine
running with a home page, but the sumo pages have been removed so those are
dead links, check it out ;-).  Later, he started his search engine named
Yahoo on the same computer.  As Yahoo got more popular, he got a separate
name for Yahoo and I'm sure Yahoo is no longer on the computer there at
Stanford (unless Stanford takes a big bite out of all of their advertising

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