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Re: ISP Stuff

At 01:06 PM 4/16/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>To all who would like my 2 cents! > >What would be the problem if when
>somebody got hurt we just list another >match and go with that?  I cant
>see why all the discussion about the logic >of finding another match.  I
>think if a match got cancelled we pick 2 other >rikishi! > >Would that be
>impossble?  Maybe I just dont understand the pool very well >but to me I
>think that if a Sumo match got cancelled ours get cancelled and >pick
>another.  or like we say in the military "that would be too simple?" >
>>Just a thought to ponder to!  > >
>V/R >Scott Light >
>I suggested this last week; i.e. that a substitute match be used, with no
>exceptions, with Dale picking the match.  To date it hasn't been
>"pondered". Just giving eneryone a win cuts down the number of viable picks.

I thought I suggested it and you seconded...  No matter, it's a darn good
idea and I was surprised that there wasn't more "pondering" too.  Just
giving a win seems to be too easy and not very much fun.