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Re: John Szczepanski's Social Life

To encourage John's social isolation even further, if you could
add East/West factor, it would be even greater statistics.
For example, a promotion from M-5 West to M-4 East is a lot
(three times) better promotion than the one from M-5 East to 
M-4 West. From East Komusubi to West Komusubi is a slight
demotion, whereas from West Komusubi to East Komusubi is
a slight promotion.

Anyways, it is an interesting and useful sumo statistics
and I have not seen this type (whole makuuchi) of information before.

-Toshiyori Masumiriki.

Greg Wheeler wrote:
> >>>As further proof that I don't have a social life, I offer to the group
> the following statistics on banzuke listings<<<
> I hate to say it, John, but it may be in the best interest of this list that
> you remain totally isolated from others, if this is what you do with your
> free time! <g> Your stats are an amazing compilation.  They seem to reveal
> that the Kyokai is still human after all.
> Just in case you get tempted to actually socialize with others, I wonder if
> you were able to tag any of the promotions by heya?  Not that there would be
> revealed any favoritism or anything!!! :-/  I guess one has to wonder if any
> of the "random" factors might be such illusive qualities as "heart" and
> "character".
> Anyway, many thanks for your lonely work!
> Greg "Kaminishiki" Wheeler

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