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John Szczepanski's Social Life

>>>As further proof that I don't have a social life, I offer to the group
the following statistics on banzuke listings<<<

I hate to say it, John, but it may be in the best interest of this list that
you remain totally isolated from others, if this is what you do with your
free time! <g> Your stats are an amazing compilation.  They seem to reveal
that the Kyokai is still human after all.  

Just in case you get tempted to actually socialize with others, I wonder if
you were able to tag any of the promotions by heya?  Not that there would be
revealed any favoritism or anything!!! :-/  I guess one has to wonder if any
of the "random" factors might be such illusive qualities as "heart" and

Anyway, many thanks for your lonely work!

Greg "Kaminishiki" Wheeler