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ISP Stuff

Add my voice to the (small) groundswell in favour of Masumiriki's
suggestion of awarding everyone who submits a choice a victory for the
fusensho matches.  I think its the simplest, fairest, and most enjoyable
of the various suggestions floated.

I also like the tie-breaker suggestion (submitting choices for sanyaku
matches:  O-O, S-S, K-K, S-K)

However, one question:  If implemented, how does one entier a choice
when using the online (web page) entry method (located at
http://www.oz.net/~drc/isp.html) as opposed to the old E-mail entry
method.  Since one gets a point for remembering these matches and
submitting a pick, having a prompt on the online form will give away
free points.  Should we enter our extra picks in the comments, quesions

Just wondering.