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Re: ISP Stuff


Probably I am not a great communicator. I could not deliver
my idea clearly enough to make anyone understand my 
idea of tie-breaking formula.

I don't think there are 30 matches of those I proposed.
If there are only 2 ozeki, 2 sekiwake, 2 komusubi, the tie
breaking matches are ozeki-ozeki, sekiwake-sekiwake, 
komusubi-komusubi, sekiwake1-komusubi1, sekiwake2-
komusubi-2, sekiwake1-komusubi-2, sekiwake2-Komusubi1.
Altogether there should be 7 matches. In actuality, there
are two Ozeki matches (Maru-Waka & Maru-Nami), if
there are no "haridashi" sanyaku, we have only 8 matches
to look for for tiebreaker.

If this is too many for tie breaker, we don't need to have
Ozeki matches. In that case, we have 6 matches to compete
for tiebreaker.

If you picked the winner, you'll get 2 points. If you picked 
the loser, you'll get 1 points. And if you missed the match, 
you won't get any points for tiebreaker. 

I hope this will clarify what I was thinking for tiebreakers.

-Toshiyori Masumiriki

Dale Carlson wrote:
> Abe-san,
> Thanks for the clarification. Do I understand this now? Players
> would be "on the lookout" for bouts between sanyaku rikishi,
> and send in their picks on these to build tiebreaker points?
> I don't mean to seem lazy, but since there are around 30
> such matches each basho, and we have over 50 players,
> this could mean an additional 1500 picks each basho. I'm
> not sure I could deal with this using my present pencil and
> paper approach. If anyone knows of a way to reliably automate
> receiving and scoring entries, this would be fine with me. The
> current 750+ picks each time are manageable, barely :)
> Or do you just intend for these extra picks to be made on one or a
> few days of the basho?
> Back to sleep......,
> Dale

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