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News on my page + Re: Where were you


There are some new things on my page. (URL is in my signature.)

I added 17 brand-new photos, including pictures of Kirishima's
danpatsu-shiki (maybe there are some of you who haven't seen them) and
a photo of Kyokudozan (wearing bow-tie!). The Photoalbum has been in
new format for a month, there are thumbnails, so you can see pictures
much easier than before.

You can see every rikishi's shikona in Kanjis! This column is in
Shift-JIS encoding. You'll need a supplementary software, I added
links to places where you can get them. (But if you know any better
software, please tell me.)

There are data of newcomers on Hatsu Basho, too. Sorry, I can't be
more up-to-date. But if somebody could send me usually the list of
newcomers (shikona, birthdate, birthplace, heya  and Kanji), I could
add them immediately just before the basho.

[Kanjis may be described as Shoji Yuen did some days ago:

> "Kai" is the usual "Umi", and "ho" is the second character of
> the yokozuna "Taiho".  (With two moons and a bird along with
> them.)  

It's excellent for me, but I can handle Japanese encoded texts, too.
Thanks a lot.]

I added new backgrounds to my pages, I hope you'll like them. 


I've already told you about beginning of my interest to sumo (it was
posted some months ago). It's not too interesting if I compare with
others who wrote about meeting this or that rikishi, enjoying bashos
in Japan, or even just watching an NHK broadcast coming from the sky.
It was a sumo magazine I've got from Japan and I wasn't interested in
it first. Later I browsed this magazine and I had seen a sumo
broadcast and I found it interesting. I was always interested in Japan
and I was happy to find a "new" face of her. Since then, I love sumo
very much.

I have been to Japan last year, but it was June and there was no basho
then. Maybe there was a jungyo held that time in the Kansai area, I
don't know. Next time I'll visit Japan in basho-time. :-)

But I can report proudly that I made a new Sumo fan. It's my mother,
who had to watch sumo when I did, since we have only one TV set. :-)
She records all bouts for me when I'm working, then we watch them
together. Nowadays she watches bouts even when she's alone and cheers
for her favorites, Takanohana, Akebono, Musashi, Asanowaka, Konishiki
and her Most Favorite, Terao. :-)

By the way, Europeans, don't forget, next part of Haru Basho (I
suppose, days 4-6) will be shown next Monday (April 14) at



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