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Re: Level Dohyo

When I first got interested in Sumo, 1966, there were three yokozuna;
Taiho, Sadanoyama, and Kashiwado (if memory serves). Taiho was the 
dominant wrestler. But every tournament came down to the last two days.
That's when the yokozuna faced each other. Their records after 13 days
would be within 1 loss of each other. The excitement always built up
as the days moved closer to the 14th and 15th days because you knew the
eventual winner would come out of the matches between the three best
wrestlers at the end of the tournament. 
I was never aware of the rules about wrestlers not fighting stablemates
then. I don't even know if the rules were the same then. But it seems 
me that the  best tournaments should feature matches between/among the
best wrestlers no matter what stables they are from. It should be a 
simple draw to put the best fighters against the best fighters. I think
the wrestlers should be competitive enough to want to prove they are
the best against the best.

    Jim Bitgood