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A Level Dohyo

When I began watching sumo I just assumed that the top rikishi faced
each other since it is not an elimination tournament.  When I found out
later that the matches are arranged and that everybody does not face
everybody else, I was somewhat surprised.  Then when I found out all
the ingrigue and reasons why.....the merging of the two heya....primarily
as a result of Akebono becoming the first non-Japanese to gain
Yokozuna....it all made sense.

Not saying it is right....in fact I think it is totally wrong.  But if there is so
much (alleged) corruption and match-throwing in the sport now, how
much more will there be if members of the same heya go against each

But I still would like to see all of the top rikishi have to fight each other
every match.  I still think Taka is far and away the best today....so the top
rank might not change too much....but the rest of the ranks would
probably be more interesting.

Just my two-cents worth.