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RE: A Level Dohyo

At 08:48 10/25/96 -0700, you wrote:
>(   ) not [able to comment upon intelligently] for some other reason;
please specify

I've only recently begun learning about sumo.  Your essay was interesting,
but still rather arcane to me. <g>  I've joined this list, surfed some
websites and am trying to learn the vocabulary, and the basics.

One comment I believe I can offer; I would hope that any athlete would be
interested in striving to become the best in their sport and prove this to
the world by facing appropriate competition.  I would think that anyone in a
stable would know whether a stablemate is significantly better or worse than
oneself.  Wouldn't it be just as harmful for the mood, or camaraderie, in a
stable to have someone of lesser ability achieve the same rank as his
betters because he has never had to face his stablemates?  Boxing has had
spurious 'contenders' set up to propel a fighter higher than their talent or
skill should be able to get them.  I wouldn't like to see such a thing in sumo.

Thanks for the opportunity to ask; I'm enjoying the list so far.

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