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RE: A Level Dohyo

 > From: "Peter J. Parbrook" <P.Parbrook@sheffield.ac.uk>
 > ... I don't accept that Takanonami is a failed Ozeki.... It is my belief
 > [he] would still be an Ozeki even if he had to fignt the Hanada brothers...

I agree with this entirely. If he were as poor a rikishi as people in this
group make him out to be, then Musoyama/pick-your-favorites would beat him
regularly. They do not do so. As Peter pointed out, Takanonami has won a
yusho; he won over Takanohana (and a whole lot of other people) to do so.
In fact, if the "same heya" rule did not exist, it would be very interesting
to see how the other Futagoyama rikishi would fare if they had to regularly
meet Takanonami.

-- John W Pierce, Chem & Biochem, UC San Diego