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RE: Takanonami and the Level Dohyo

At 01:06 PM 10/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>You are a hard man.  I think he could probably maintain komusubi.  I have 
>been trying figure out a way to "level the dohyo" for a couple of years. 
> George Piternick's proposal is excellent.  My ideas all fly in the face of 
>sumo tradition.
>Bob Brown
> ----------
From: Bob Simmonds
>To: sumo
>Subject: Takanonami and the Level Dohyo
>Date: Friday, October 18, 1996 8:36AM
>I agree that the lack of "levelness" would have little effect on
>Takanohana, but his stablemate Takanonami, IMHO, is an "artificial
>ozeki" as a result of this rule. Consider that his habitual 9-6 record
>is achieved *without* fighting the Hanada brothers. Take away two of his
>wins against pushovers, and substitute the two losses he would normally
>get against them, and he finishes 7-8. Two basho of this and he starts
>back down where he belongs...about M3.

  It is also probably worth pointing out that in their one meeting in a
major basho, Takanonami defeated Takanohana in a very dramatic match.