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Re: Kyokudozan quit sumo (non-sumo related question)


You are right.
Shinshin-to was formed by LDP's Ozawa group, former prime minister
Toshiki Kaifu, Japan New Party (Nihon Shin-To) lead by former prime minister
Hosokawa, Liberal Democratic Party (Minsha-To) and Komei-To which is 
strongly connected and supported by Soka-Gakkai International (SGI), a
Nichiren budhist sect.

Mr. Ikeda is only an "honorable chairman" of SGI, but he remains the
most influential fugure of the sect and rumored that he is trying to
put his own son to lead the sect.


Pete Kaub さんが 12:57 PM 10/7/96 +0800ごろに
「Re: Kyokudozan quit sumo (non-sumo related question)」の件で:
>On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, abe@zoom.com (Masumi Abe) wrote:
>> from Tokunoshima, Kagoshima-ken) has decided to quit
>> sumo ("haigyo") and try to enter this coming national election
>> as a candidate from Shinshin-To, a conservative party, 
>> which is headed by Ichiro Ozawa.
>Sad to see Kyokudozan go.  One question though, isn't Shinshin-To the
>party with ties to the rather controversial religous group Soka gakai,
>once headed by Daisuku Ikeda? 
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