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Official ticket price for Hatsu and Haru basho


The official ticket price is updated: (But I've never seen the
seats actually sold with this price, except Non-reserved
Seat/Standing tickets.  Usually the seats come with food and
drinks and should be sold at the much higher price.  And NO
Tamari seats are sold publically as long as I know.  At the
last Nagoya basho, Tamari were priced at 30,000yen per seat and
you had to buy at least two seats.:-)

"Masu" is a square place for 4 and "Isu" is a normal chair.

(All in Japanese Yen [JPY] Now 110JPY = 1USD)

Hatsu (1997 Jan., Tokyo)

Tamari (Wring side)	14,100
Masu A (Row 1-8)	11,100
Masu B (Row 9-12)	10,100
Masu C (Row 13-15)	 9,100
Isu  A (Row 1-6)	 8,100
Isu  B (Row 7-11)	 6,100
Isu  C (Row 12-13)	 3,600
Non-reserved Seat	 2,100

Haru (1997 Mar., Osaka)

Tamari (Wring side)	14,100
Masu A (Row 1-7,8)	11,100
Masu B (Row 8,9-12)	10,100
Masu C (Row 13-15)	 9,100
Isu  A (Row 1)		 6,600
Isu  B (Row 1-4)	 5,300
Isu  C (Row 5-9)	 4,100
Standing		 1,400

Shoji Yuen