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thanks to all

Just some general thanks to all in this mailing list.
Especially to Ian for the last day blow-by-blow and
Masumi for the historical insights throughout.

This was the first basho I've followed since getting
interested in sumo and what a tournament!

I'd also like to thank everyone for the satellite
taping settings! I just now got the tape of the
first day from my friend in Vermont and can finally
put some faces to the names! Some people expressed
interest in getting a copy of the tape. I don't
mind doing it, but I don't have a second VCR, so
I'll need to send it out to yet another friend. If
just a couple of people want a copy, it's no big deal
and I can do it for just the price of postage. 
However if we're talking about a good deal of copies
I'd like to send just a couple out to people who
do have dual VCR's for the promise of taping it
for the rest. Any other suggestions? Also, does
anyone have a copy on video of the last day?

Thanks again y'all,