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Mega-DAGs (Domo Arigatos...) to Ian for the "as if you were there"
dohyo-side view.  In this case, the calm/sweaty dichotomy turned out NOT to
be such a reliable predictor of outcomes, eh?  Only when looking at the
audience, I guess!  <g>

Also Mega-DAGs to Shoji Yuen for the results of Juryo and below.  Your
comments have also been much appreciated.  With the big-winning young stars
like Tochinonada and Yamato headed for makunuchi, we could be in for a lot
more 5 way play-offs in the future, even as the powerful reign of Takanohana

Special thanks to Totoro and Dale for doing the pools and to all for the
many comments along the way.  Kyushu went by too quickly!

I have to wait until Monday to see the Digest version.  Knowing the outcome
won't keep me from sweating though...

Greg "Kaminishiki" Wheeler