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Re: <Spoiler> No boredom

guje@nmr.phys.chem.ethz.ch writes:
> Sumo isn't so boring after all...
> BTW, I am dying from suspense since the official homepage of the Sumo Kyokai
> let me down right after the first Waka-Ake bout :-( 
> Can someone help me?

OK, then, below is what I scribbled down whilst watching, starting from
that Waka-Ake bout.

<spoilers ahead>

<They really are serious spoilers>

Ok then:

Takatoriki (6-9)  L  oshidashi    W      Kaio (11-4)
Takanonami (11-4) W  uwatenage    L      Musashimaru (11-4)

Next up Waka-Ake. If Ake can win this, the party really begins.
They're 13-13 lifetime, but Waka is on a run of four wins. Still, this
has been the basho for breaking patterns.  It's the last
shio-iri. Waka gives a little nod to himself... Camera follows him
back to the dohyo and into sonkyo position.... Looks calm... Camera
swithces to Akebono... Sweating a little ... Has a grimace on his face
that seems to indicate he's still thinking how to play it... let's
hope not...  Tachiai... Henka from Waka (maybe that's what he was
nodding to himself about?)... Ake manages to stop his forward
momentum...  chases Waka round... Tsuppari... Waka falls out!!! 
Tsukitaoshi! A 5-way yusho kettei-sen! The crowd love it...... One of
the guest oyakata announcers, with devastating understatement, calls it

Wakanohana (11-4)  L tsukitaoshi   W     Akebono (11-4)

Waka and Ake go back down the Hanamichi while the announcers try to explain
what a 5-way tie involves... 

They're back now... and drawing lots to find the order for the
playoff: comes out as:

Musashi-Waka                    (loser takes no further part)
Takanonami-Kaio                 (loser takes no further part)
Akebono is "sensho" (?)

OK.. we're off....  Musashi and Waka are doing shikiri..... Musashi
still looks worried, like he did last time against Taka... Waka seems
calm again... Tachiai....  Waka down first....Musashi gets
uwate... Musashi moves forward... They're both out... Musashi gets the
gunbai.... Yoritaoshi.... That's Waka out...

On to Taka and Kaio... Kaio has home support and the crowd are trying
to make it count... Can he take the pressure... Would be quite a way
to get your first win! Taka smooths the dohyo surface with his feet to
calm his nerves... Announcers concentrating on Kaio's right uwate
grip....  But would Taka just escape again?... No more speculation:
tachiai...  Kaio gets uwatenage.. almost.... Tries a
throw... Kotenage! But the gunbai goes to Takanonami! Crowd sounds
confused.... But the replay shows the decision is right: Kaio puts his
left hand down first... Taka gets a sukuinage. Crowd is upset, but
that's life: no mono-ii... Kaio heads back down the hanamichi.

So now it's Ake-Musashi... To win now you have to get two straight,
like a regular 3-way tomoe-sen. Ake looks good, but then he's just been 
having a rest... Musashi waits for eye contact but Ake just heads back for
some salt. Jikan ippai.... Musashi down first....  Ake gets left
shita...., But Musashi gets morozashi.... Ake is by the edge.... He's
out... Musashi wins!!!! Yoriki-kiri....But he looks wasted now, and he
still has another bout against Taka....

Taka-Musashi: If Musashi wins this, it's a yusho.... Announcers reckon
he'll try to use tsuppari to keep Taka away from the
belt... Jikan.... Musashi is covered in sweat....  Taka looks
calm...Tachiai:  Just a few tsuppari... Musashi gets his
right hand on Taka's belt.... Taka moves back... He's out...
oshi-dashi! Musashimaru yusho! 

Last view of them walking down the hanamichi... Ake looks pretty
pissed off.... Musashi looks happier than I've ever seen him...

Broadcast carries on to show Musashi getting Emperor's Cup and part of
the yusho interview with Musashi. Sorry, but I'm laughing too much to
type this in.... This is possibly his best performance of the basho. A
question about the 5-way tie leaves him thinking for a full 20 secs or
so... The crowd start to laugh and he plays to them. He gets more laughs 
by answering the question about when his last yusho was by saying that
he can't remember.... In typical NHK style, this interview gets cut off
to go to the news, though :(

Well, I suppose I need a rest after that, tooo...