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Re: best shinnyumaku record

Pete Kaub asked,

>Given Tochiazuma's good form in his debut (better not speak too soon 
>though), what's the best record for a shinnyumaku in makushita?

I'm sure Abe-san will eventually give us a correct answer, but
meanwhile I will give my conjecture.
A strong candidate is Ohnishiki in 9-gatsu basho of 1973.
According to my memory, he was shinnyumaku, 14-1 and got Junyusho.
I verified (thanks to http://www.sumo.or.jp) he
got all three prizes(Shukun, Kanto, Gino) and the yusho went to
Wajima with 15-0.
He was real sensation, but could never match his feat after that.