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Re: Kirishima Photo-album

Hi Diana,

> This sounds incredible and all photos (sigh).  Have you seen a copy?
> Thank you for this information...so tempting.

I unfortunatly didn't see the album yet.  I only got the "advertisement 
pamphlet" (?) from my Japanese bookstore with four photos on it.  I also 
saw some photos of it in the video I got recently.  My first impression 
has not been to good, because they only showed photos that have not much 
to do with the idea I have about Kirishima.  Besides, Kirishima just 
posing for a photo and doing real sumo is not quite the same.  I hope 
the other photo will be a little more artistic.
I ordered the book (as a kind of support to Kirishima) and should get it 
in a couple of weeks.  I'll tell you if it is worth anything.

Today our president Chirac is going to see Sumo in Kyushu, and before 
that going to visit a Chanko restaurant.  I hope he will put in a word 
for Kirishima...  (I wrote him some weeks ago to let him know about 
Kirishima's book, hoping it will make him a little aware of Kirishima... 
-- the Japanese editor insisted upon my doing it and was quite excited 
about it !  Though, I can't be too optimistical about it myself.)