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Re: Any chance for Kaio promotion?

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Peter J. Parbrook wrote:
> If Kaio can get 13 wins, preferably with the Yusho then I think the
> Kyokai would have to seriously consider promotiong him.   With
> fourteen wins it is difficult to see how they can not promote him. 
> With 13 consecutive basho at Sekiwake nobody can say that he will be
> unable to maintain an Ozeki rank.

I think what would concern the Sumo Kyokai more is that fact that Kaio has
yet to win more than 11 bouts in a tournament. I think if he won 13-2 the
Kyokai might still wait to see if he could do it again, feeling that a
few more basho at Sekiwake proving his stuff won't hurt him. Of course
this could all be academic if he loses to Musashimaru today, but I think
that if he can break into the 12 win category this time, a promotion
cannot be too far off.

Paul Barnier