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Asahi sumo update - Kaio info

(Please note that I have no affiliation with Asahi, I am just reposting
info which hopefully is of interest to this list.)


Kaio revives his ozeki hopes


Asahi Shimbun (Nov. 19, 1996)

FUKUOKA --- Sekiwake Kaio came back from the ring with a flash of a
smile on his face. He had won eight
bouts through the ninth day of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on
Monday, his fastest pace to eight
wins since he joined the makuuchi division. This is his 20th tournament
in the division. 

But the shine on his face came from winning the bout with komusubi
Musoyama in his way, rather than from
his win total and pace. 

His stablemaster, Tomozuna, said before Monday's bout that he was
worried about Kaio's performance thus
far, even though he had won seven bouts. 

Tomozuna said only one bout─with No. 3 maegashira Kotonowaka on the
sixth day─was a complete win in
Kaio's style, in which he grabbed the back of his opponent's belt with
his powerful right arm. 

The other wins were unsatisfactory, not only for the stablemaster, but
for Kaio himself. 

Monday's bout cleared away his stablemaster's worry. Kaio once again
grabbed his opponent's belt with his
right arm and went on to edge him out of the ring. 

Both the stablemaster, who was watching the bout from below the dohyo,
and Kaio, described the bout as
"Kaio's best move of the tourney." During autumn practices, Kaio
suffered a lower back injury that forced him
to retire. To lessen the burden on his lower back, he resorted to a
"fastbreak" style in which he grabbed the
front of his opponent's belt with his left arm and tried to push them
out quickly. 

This style does not utilize all of Kaio's power, but it lessened his
chances of losing to lower-rank athletes. 

In Monday's bout, Kaio showed composure as well as power. 

"If he wins the tournament with a good record, he might be promoted to
ozeki," Sakaigawa, chairman of Japan
Sumo Association, said. 

Kaio has missed three chances for promotion to ozeki─in the spring
tournament, at Nagoya and in the autumn

But he holds another chance in his hands at this tourney, the last of
this year.