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Re: Any chance for Kaio promotion?

> > Even if Kaio wins yusho with 14 wins, he only won 9 matches
> > in Aki-basho, and that will keep Kaio in Sekiwake rank at least
> > two more basho after Kyushu.
> As I experienced Japanese rules when I was in Japan, they are adapted very
> pragmatically when the need arises. Suppose Kaio wins two yusho in a row,
> don't you think he will get promoted to ozeki?

I remember Futagoyama rijicho announcing at a party that it had been 
decided after Takanohana's first yusho (at M2 -- not even sanyaku) 
that if he could win the following basho he would be promoted.

If Kaio wins 13 and they decide not to promote I think 12 would be 
more than enough next time round.  With 11 he would probably have a 
better than 50-50 chance.



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