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Internet Service Provider's in Japan, Sumo Page, President of France

Dear Fellow Sumo Enthusiasts:

	To give yet another quick answer to Dale Carlson's inquiry about
Internet Service Providers in Japan, a very relevant query since this
list depends upon convenient and relatively inexpensive access to the
Internet, I would recommend that one look in the current issues of the
magazine "Computing Japan." They are giving a detailed run-down of the
ISP's available in Japan at this time - and there are indeed quite a few,
so there will be a shake-down period at some point. 

	I personally use Global On Line ("gol") for private correspondance and
as back up to our often-crashing university server. They have a flat yearly
rate of 40 000 (4 man yen) (for a PPP connection) and offer access points at 
the major centres throughout Japan. In addition, they have a mirror server 
in the United States with 1-800 access valid throughout that country and 
Canada. For those who travel a lot across the big Pacific puddle, this is very
convenient. Of course, in Japan, with the time-based billing situation for 
local calls, telephone calls are nore expensive than in North America. So far,
I have found no elegant way around that one and have had to accept a monthly 
telephone bill that would be unacceptable in Canada or the Uited States.

	Also, GOL and many others offer service in both Japanese and
English and support of users wishing to receive e-mail in both languages.
GOL, and most decent ISP's, also offer easy facilities for
constructing home pages, telnet/ftp services, etc. They, and many others
also often ISDN access lines and a national "discount line" as well. GOL's
home page and telephone number are
		http://www.gol.com (I think). 
		Tel.: 03-5341-8000

	You might also look at "twics," also based in Tokyo, home page and
telephone/fax numbers:
		Tel.: 03-3351-5977
		Fax.: 03-3353-6096

	I believe most ISP's offer deals similar to GOL's and I would
urge anyone interested in shopping around a bit. A major consideration, in
additionto price, is the reliability and the capacity of the provider's
systems. Please do check out "Computing Japan" for more information. Their
homepage and telephone/fax numbers are:
		Tel.: 03-3499-2099 
		Fax.: 03-3499-2199 
In this month's issue, they listed what looks like about a hundred ISP's
in Japan, in alphabetical order for the A's through the I's. Next month they
will continue with the J's through whatever. They also showed a two maps 
giving the distribution of ISP's throughout Japan as of today and another
for a year ago. The growth has been phenomenal.
	By the way, have any of you tried the site http://www.sumo.or.jp/?
I get an "empty page" message.

	This week, Jacque Chirac, President of the French Republic, will ne
visiting the Basho in Fukuoka. Mr. Chirac is on state visit here in Japan
and is an ardent sumo enthusiast, responsible for thevisit of the sumo
rikishi to France of last year.

		I hope the information about ISP's was useful to at
			least some of you!
				Marion R. Finley, Jr.
				Hozumi-cho, Gifu-ken Japan