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Re: Any chance for Kaio promotion?

> In old days, it was easier to get promoted to ozeki than now, and
> they were required at least 30 wins in three basho as a guideline.
> Kaio has won 10 and 9 matches in recent two basho and he needs
> 11 wins to get to 30 wins. But that guideline is an old story. Now
> people said 33 wins are the new requirement. If that is the case,
> Kaio needs 14 wins to reach that level. 
> But wait, there is another guideline that a candidate needs to 
> maintain at least 10 wins in each of three most recent basho. 
> Even if Kaio wins yusho with 14 wins, he only won 9 matches
> in Aki-basho, and that will keep Kaio in Sekiwake rank at least
> two more basho after Kyushu.

But Akebono did not meet this latter criterion: 13-2, 9-6, 13-2.  
Also I believe a number of other Rikishi have been promoted to Ozeki 
with a basho (usually the first of the three) below the 10-5 mark.

If Kaio can get 13 wins, preferably with the Yusho then I think the
Kyokai would have to seriously consider promotiong him.   With
fourteen wins it is difficult to see how they can not promote him. 
With 13 consecutive basho at Sekiwake nobody can say that he will be
unable to maintain an Ozeki rank.



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